Saturday, 27 September 2014

Chinese delicacy

Fishy isn't it? hyyy hyyyy hyyyyyy sweet peeps...Except fried, rice, fried noodles, chop soy and sweet and sour dish, I'm certainly not a pro at Chinese delicacies. However I wanted to try out this traditional Chinese dish. It's actually vegetarian spring rolls from a no-cook recipe.

I'm sure if I want to eat Chinese food outdoors, especially veg, I won't find anything because the filling is always non-veg with few vegetables. So I tried to be innovative. I used tofu (also known as teocon here in Mauritius) sliced it in long slices then fried them in very little oil. I finely grated some carrots. That's for the filling, The main wrap is rice paper which can be found in any supermarket.

In a casserol, boil some water. As soon as it's warm place the wrap in it and remove it as soon as it becomes smooth and sticky. Before adding the filling, sprinkle some salt and pepper. You can vary the filling. This is the simplest method. Some people like it fried as a snack. And Voila, vegetarian spring rolls.

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