Friday, 17 October 2014

Writing Task: Twitter

Twitter is really fun to use. My personal experience with this social media platform is that the tweets and re-tweets are unique and it's a platform which is not static. It goes way to fast and it's very informative. I followed BCC News and I found that it's one of the pages that is most up to date. I don't think anyone would miss any news after following its profile. I love the hash  tag and it's one of the coolest aspect on twitter. It allows us to have an overview of whatever other users have said about that topic in particular. Moreover, there is also the notifications which lets you know of recent activities such as who's following you or who replied to your tweet. It is one of the most used platform by celebrities and journalists. I found that celebrities use it to connect and create a bond with their audience and fans as well as to promote their upcoming films, music videos/ albums. They give their personal touch whereas journalists use it mostly to keep people updated of the most recent activities. It's like a sort of 'Express' news. The intriguing part of twitter is the 140 characters. Again this add to its uniqueness and I think that  everything has an aspect of duality. In the case of the 140 characters, it's useful in the sense that it makes us think before posting anything. This constraint limits us to say only what is most essential and skipping lengthy details. It attracts the attention of the users but on the other hand guess slaughtering English grammar is unavoidable when using twitter and its 140 characters. I find twitter as being somehow citizen journalism because these users post some information that some newspapers do not publish. And it gives rise to an open platform so as people can express themselves, share their feelings, beliefs and voice out to their mediated audience. When tweeting, my experience is that I feel there's that invisible audience, or that I'm talking to myself. Most people are into the stories and personal lives of famous personalities and for those who are still making baby steps in this fast paced world of twitter, I'm sure it's going to take a lot of time before one can engage in that participatory culture or to get known on this platform. One reason is because the minority of my friends are active on twitter as most of them use it as a secondary social media platform.  

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