Friday, 26 September 2014

Generative Value

4 Reasons I'm Vegetarian and why you could do it.

1. Non-violence against animals

Non-violence against animals is a vital aspect of vegetarianism and Krishna Conscious Culture. As I mentioned before animals are part and parcel of the Lord and the animal slaughter will only entangle you in sinful activities. And one may not get closer to the Lord. In 2012 I went to Vrindavan, India and there cows walk freely on the roads. When looking in their eyes, I don't know why I could see sadness in there eyes. Maybe it was just my interpretation because Vrindavan Dham is the eternal abode of Lord Krsna and one can feel simply blissful there, even the animals.  Cow are sacred and considered to be our mother.  How some can be cruel and pitiless to our mother?

2. Non-veg food is not offered to the Lord

Vegetarian food cooked and offered to the Lord is healthier, tastier and cooked out of love. And I cannot see myself not offering food to Krsna at all. In case I feel hungry, I look for something that is pure veg to eat, but that's only in certain circumstances. Atleast twice a day, it is important for me to offer food to Krsna.

3. Saving Time and Money

One of greatest  advantage of being vegetarian is we don't have to spend  overly on seafood, meat and if like me, you don't have to spend on onions, garlic and mushroom. I get to buy a variety of vegetables and make a nutritious meal. On the other hand, we also don't have to spend long hours to cook. Obviously, cooking nice food demands time, but it's less time-consuming than cooking non-veg food. Cooking becomes easier, quicker and more fun when you have a great selection of fresh vegetables at your disposition.

4. Fat Loss

Vegetables are fat free and full of nutrients, fibres and vitamins. Unless we giving a break to potatoes and cheese, being vegetarian can help us to keep a healthy diet and maintain that eating habit. Since I became vegetarian, I eat any kind of veggies. Gaining weight is a problem only when I have fun on sweets or snacks. Well, no wonder models and actresses depend and advice vegetarian diet. Today the hype is going on celebrity Deepika Padukone and her advice in one interview about helthy diet is to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle, no rice and certainly no pasta. I tried her advice once and it did wonders in only a few weeks.

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