Friday, 29 August 2014

Personal Biography and Visual Representation

Personal Biography

Hello there, my name is Jesina- hoping to get another name soon, and you must have guessed that cooking food is one of my interests. I won't hide the fact that I actually cook to please krsna rather pleasing myself. Whenever I'm in my Kitchen, I'm mostly at ease when there are few people and that's when all the creative ideas crop up. Besides cooking, I'm personally very talkative and I'm that kind of girl who has a lot of guts. My spiritual progress is one of my priorities and much of my time is devoted for that purpose. I'm doing my course in Mass Communication but at the end of the day I always see myself doing something more creative or maybe I am at a point whereby I feel that this journey is only the beginning for me and that I have much more to achieve. I like to preach with others and help them out when they are in difficulties but one thing that perhaps is somehow intriguing about me is that I feel the fact that one has a good heart often leads to being played, used and taken for granted. I strongly believe in 'Be good, Do good, speak good because proper behaviour is fundamental.   

Visual Representation

Your first reaction? I'm sure you'll be saying... They are beautiful!!!! Indeed, I choosed this photo of Sri Sri RadhaGolokananda as I always think of them when I cook and I wish that one day I'll be able to cook for them. This photo was not taken by me. It was actually clicked on the 10th of August by my friend Kunti Seebaluck who is devotee by birth and she gave me the permission to use her photos for my blog. She always posts the albums on her Facebook page and she also personalized the photo '@tikun' which is her photography name. The 10th of August was a very special date for me and this photo reminds me of that event. Royal blue is my favorite colour and I couldn't take my eyes from them on that day. With so much fascinating details and looking at their smiles I guess it's worth sharing. I didn't know whether I use my photo, the photo of some veggies or the photo of one of my dishes. Then I decided that the photo of the deities is best as it's after their name as they are non-different from their names.