Friday, 19 September 2014

Introducing My Topic

Food…who can resist tasty, colourful and creative dishes? Well certainly not me nor do my friends. I love to cook for Lord Krsna and I’ve learnt that Lord Krsna’s consort, Srimati Radha Rani always prepares new dishes for Krsna. And while cooking, we’re only acting as Her helper, being an instrument to better serve Krsna. Through my personal observation, I saw that indeed, the majority of people are non-vegetarian. To be vegetarian, it is a certainly a life-changing decision and demands great willingness. It is a personal choice that aligns with one’s family, principles and lifestyle. There are so many models and actresses who are vegetarian for the sake of dieting but the real reason behind vegetarianism is non-violence against animals which, just like us, are also part and parcel of the Lord. The most crucial part is that non-vegetarian food cannot be offered to the Lord. The main idea of course is not to force everyone to become vegetarian but instead it’s a support to break the stereotype that vegetarian foods are tasteless. I sometimes cannot understand how certain people can tell me, ‘’what do you eat, grass?’’ I’m like, common, I won’t die by consuming fresh crunchy veggies. Even a genoise cake can be made without adding six to eight eggs. There is no harm in trying eggless recipes. On the contrary eggless cakes are sometimes of lighter consistencies. Recently I heard a friend criticizing our society for Krsna consciousness that we force people to become vegetarian. No! I would request my readers to be clear about that. We don’t force anyone. It is their personal choice whether or not they wish to become vegetarian. Obviously, if one wants to make spiritual progress, to please Lord Krsna and getting the blessing and mercy of the Lord then one should follow the principle of vegetarianism. However it is not right to claim that we force everyone to change, as we do respect others’ religion. Without crashing anyone’s believes, I want to show that vegetarian food is so easy, quick and fun to prepare. My topic is a simple one and I guess many people always look for different types of dishes. Even if my friends are not vegetarian, they were supportive and very eager to get hold of some easy vegetarian recipes. They are aware that meat and chicken is not healthy for them but the thing is some of them don’t know how to cook and some of them don’t know that vegetarian dishes can be very well delicious.

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